Kucinski Enterprises offers a full line of Beam whole house cleaning systems, allowing you to select the Beam system that best matches your home and your budget. By combining the ideal power unit and Power Team™, you will create a highly effective, custom cleaning system ideally suited to your specific cleaning requirements.

Kucinski Enterprises specializes in the installation and repair of residential, commercial, and industrial Beam Central Vacuum Systems. Offering the latest and most complete central vacuum systems available, Beam is built on the dedication of its employees, and the result is the nation's #1 choice for quality vacuum systems.

Once Kucinski Enterprises installs your new Beam Central Vacuum System, you'll never view the chore of vacuuming the same way again. The convenience and ease of use and storage will make your new investment well worth the cost.

We provide
Commercial applications
Residential applications
Permanent self-cleaning filtration systems
Installation for new and existing homes or businesses
Beam Vacuums built-in appliance (includes the power unit, power brush, hose, and accessories)

For new construction, we work closely with your contractor to install the central vacuum system for your new home.

For an existing home, we'll help you decide the best system available to meet your needs.

Regardless of the purpose, whether it's for daily clean up, or heavy-duty vacuuming, Kucinski Enterprises will help you select the unit that best suits your particular needs. Depending on the type of usage, you may decide on a few vacuum inlet valves, or you may decide on a vacuum inlet valve for every room. This attractive built-in appliance includes the power unit, power brush, hose, and accessories for whole house or shop cleaning.

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